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At Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Surprise, we offer a variety of ways to drive away in the vehicle you're looking for, and leasing a new car, truck, crossover, or SUV can be a great option for many reasons.

Whether you're considering a lease on a new vehicle or you're already leasing a vehicle with us, we have tons of great information to help you learn more about your options, so choose an option below to get started!

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Lease Vs. Finance

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End-Of-Lease Options

Leasing Basics

An auto lease allows you to drive a vehicle without paying the full purchase price. Instead, you pay against the expected depreciation of the vehicle for a specified term, which generally keeps the monthly payments lower than financing the full price of the vehicle. At the end of the lease, you can usually return the vehicle or purchase it for the residual value.

Leasing Terminology

Here are some helpful terms when working with an auto lease:

Lease Term
The lease term is the specified length of the lease agreement, usually 24 or 36 months, though some leases may be shorter or longer.
Residual Value
The residual value is the expected value of a vehicle at the end of a lease term.
The depreciation on a leased vehicle is the difference between the purchase price and the residual value.
Due At Signing
The due at signing amount is the money due up-front at the beginning of the lease agreement.

For more information about the benefits of leasing, see our Lease Vs. Finance page.

For more details about your options at the end of a lease, see our End-Of-Lease Options page

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